Mackie SRM V-Class Loudspeakers Announced: NAMM 2020

With the introduction of Mackie SRM210 V-Class, SRM212-Class, and SRM 215 V-Class, the company is bringing its best speakers up to date at NAMM 2020. Along with 2000W Class-D amplification, the new Mackie SRM V-Class Loudspeakers feature 4-channel digital mixer, wireless connectivity, and technologies like Advanced Impulse DSP tuning, Intelligent Bass Management, and more.

Mackie SRM210 V-Class vs SRM212 vs SRM 215

Mackie SRM210 V-Class Mackie SRM212 V-Class Mackie SRM 215 V-Class
LF Driver Size10″12″15″
Price$699.99USD$799.99USD $899.99USD

As you can see SRM210 V-Class is the smallest loudspeaker with a 10″ LF transducer but still capable of producing high SPL up to 131dB. Whereas SRM215 is the largest one with a 15″ LF driver featuring the highest loudness values of 136dB. Also, it produces the widest frequency response ranging from 40Hz to 20kHz. The 12″ SRM212 V-Class falls in the middle featuring almost the same loudness levels as the SRM215 at 135dB.

Those who seek the maximum low-end punch can go with SRM215 V-Class. However, placing a 15″ loudspeaker in a small space can result in boomy sound.

Apart from these basic differences, all of the loudspeakers support identical features.

4 Channel Digital Mixer

All of the Mackie SRM V-Class loudspeakers come with an onboard 4-Channel digital mixer that Mackie calls SRM Mix Control. Two of the channels are meant for mic/line/instrument input. Whereas the other two channels come with support for 1/8″ stereo aux input and a stereo Bluetooth input.

With the help of a full-color digital display and a single knob, you can easily control several parameters such as volume levels, EQ settings, voicing modes, etc. Additionally, you can customize and recall up to 10 different presets.

Wireless Connectivity

In order to connect the new Mackie SRM V-Class loudspeakers wirelessly, you need to install the Mackie SRM Connect App on your device. The app supports both Android and IOS platforms. Either you can pair or split them as a dual-zone system to control them individually.

High-Quality Transducers

Incorporating a premium Mackie 1.4 inch polymer HF driver, these loudspeakers are able to produce smooth high frequencies. Furthermore, the Sym-X horn helps to maintain a flat frequency response while keeping the distortions at minimum.

Thanks to the 2000W Class-D amplification and carefully designed speaker motor that lets the new Mackie SRM V-Class loudspeakers produce and amazing sound quality. And obviously the high transparent output.

Smart Technologies

The power supply of SRM V-Class features Power Factor correction technology that protects the speaker in real-time from unstable power. While the Intelligent Bass Management dynamically handles the bass frequencies according to the need, the Advanced DSP Tuning technology, on the other hand, eliminates issues like muddy or harsh sound.

Design and Construction

Now with additional cooling vents, the new Mackie SRM V-Class loudspeakers can dissipate heat more effectively. As a benefit, the transducers can optimally perform up to their full potential. Moreover, the carefully designed all-wood enclosure prevents any unwanted resonances.

Due to the dual-angle pole mount and angled design, you can mount these loudspeakers in several ways. Either you can use them as free-standing, pole-mounted, or as floor monitors.

Pricing and Availability

Scheduled to release in April 2020, Mackie SRM V-Class SRM210, SRM212, and SRM215 will cost $699.99, $799.99 and $899.99 USD respectively.

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