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Novation introduced its latest 64-pad Launchpad Pro MK3 MIDI grid controller in the market before NAMM 2020. But where’s the MK2? According to Novation, Launchpad Pro MK3 runs on the same technology as Launchpad Mini MK3 as well as Launchpad X. So they skipped MK2 suffix in favor of MK3 since it follows the same development process.

Launchpad Pro MK3 features 64 RGB velocity-and-pressure-sensitive pads that are not only bigger. but also more responsive. Now with even deeper integration with Ableton Live, this MIDI grid controller will fasten your workflow reducing the need to use a mouse.

Straight from the controller, you can access transport controls, mixer, launch clips, quantize, duplicate, and so much more. Additionally, the 32-step built-in standalone sequencer helps to print the inspirations directly into Live as clips.

For live performers, features such as Scale, Chord, & Custom mode comes in very handy. With the help of Scale mode, you always stay in the right key even if you hit a wrong note. Whereas the chord mode helps you to build beautiful and complex harmonies with just minimal effort. In custom mode, you can deeply customize MIDI mappings up to 8 modes via Novation Control.

Along with this Novation 64 RGB MIDI pad controller, you also get Ableton Live Lite DAW, and plugins from Softube, AAS, klevgrand, and XLN. Moreover, you will have unlimited access to Novation’s Sound Collective and 2-month access to Splice Sound content.


Novation Launchpad Pro MK3 is bus-powered and features USB Type-C connectivity. To connect external MIDI hardware, ports such as MIDI In, Out and Out 2/Thru ports on 3.5mm connectors are also available. In terms of Compatibility, this new Launchpad Pro is class-compliant. So, it does not require any drivers to run either on PC or Mac. Although it is bus-powered, it still needs an external power for iOS devices.

What’s Included?

Along with Launchpad MK3, you also get essential accessories such as:

  • USB-A to USB-C Cable
  • USB-C to USB-C Cable
  • USB-A Power Adapter
  • 3x TRS Minijack to DIN MIDI Adapters

Pricing and Availability

Novation Launchpad Pro MK3 will release in February 2020, at a price of $349.99USD. Novation claims it to be their most powerful 64 pad MIDI grid controller as of now.

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