Novation LaunchKey Mini MkIII Hits the Market

After a long time, Novation Launchkey Mini gets an update to its lineup with the MkIII version. The new model includes new features like Touchstrips, Sustain Pedal input, Fixed Chord Mode, Arpeggio Mode, etc. Ableton Live users can enjoy even tighter integration with this controller and MIDI mapping templates will be available for major DAWs. Several Virtual Instruments and Plugins will be shipped with the product.

Users will love the Fixed Chord option as they can play predefined chords with a single key. What’s more interesting is that they can use the Arpeggio function along with the Fixed Chord mode to get fancy riffs and melodies with just one key.

Like the previous model, the keybed will be synth-action only with 25 keys and it will have 8 Rotary Pads right above 16 RGB Pads supporting individual color customization option for better workflow. The octave buttons are in a vertical layout instead of horizontal.

Two Touchstrips are introduced in this new model one of which controls pitch bend data and the modulation data is controlled by the other. A Transpose button has also been added right above octave buttons. On the right of this controller, a Capture Midi Button can be seen which could be very useful for storing midi data executed by the arpeggiator.

Novation will provide mapping templates for Logic, Cubase, Reason, and other HUI supporting DAWs such as Pro tools but Live users can benefit the most from deep integration. Users who love to work with Plugins and Virtual Instruments will appreciate the long list of additional content from manufacturers like AAS, Softube, Spitfire Audio, XLN Audio, levgrand, and free plugin content will also be available through Novation Sound Collective.

Novation Launchkey Mini Price

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