Steinberg UR24C Audio Interface Launched

Steinberg unveiled the new UR24C 2 X 4 USB 3.0 audio interface to meet the demands of producers who require more outputs than UR22C and fewer inputs than UR44C. Like the latest UR-C audio interfaces, the new Steinberg UR24C supports outstanding audio resolution up to 192 kHz sample rate with 32 bit depth. Complementing that, the Yamaha A-D D-PRE preamps ensure pristine sound quality. Steinberg UR24C features virtually zero latency monitoring with DSP effects, thanks to the onboard Yamaha SSP3 DSP chip as well as the latest dspMixFx technology. Some other features of UR24C include DAW and DJ mode for flexible headphone monitoring and loopback function for streaming.

Steinberg UR24C Audio Interface Features

Dynamic Range, Sample Rate, Bit Depth, & Preamps

With up to 102dB dynamic range, 192 kHz sample rate and 32 bit depth support, Steinberg UR24C delivers a high-quality sound that producers can rely on. As of now, there aren’t many audio interfaces in the market that can support 32 bit / 192 kHz audio resolution. Just like siblings, the UR24C incorporates the same Yamaha’s A-D D-PRE preamps to capture transparent sound.

Monitoring Modes

Steinberg UR24 features two switchable headphone monitoring modes, one of them is DAW mode whereas the other is DJ mode. To access or switch these modes, you need to go to the setup window of the dspMixFx UR-C application.

In DAW mode, you can adjust the audio levels between the DAW and analog inputs of the UR24C. Whereas in DJ mode, you have the option to choose between Split and Stereo monitoring. The Split function enables you to hear the mono master on the right side of the headphones and mono cue on the left. And the Stereo option allows you to send mixed stereo master and the cue to the left and right. Further, you can mix the mix control to balance the signals.

In order to know the current monitoring mode, you can take a look at the LED ring. If it’s red, then you’re in DJ mode and if it’s white, then you’re in DAW mode.

Steinberg UR24C Audio Interface Latency & Onboard DSP FX

Steinberg UR24C offers virtually zero latency DSP FX monitoring. The built-in DSP effects include REV-X reverb, Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip, and Guitar Amp Classics. All these effects are driven by the Yamaha SSP3 DSP chip along with the latest dspMixFx technology. This reduces the burden on the CPU which results in latency free operations.

Applications Included

Along with the Steinberg UR24C audio interface, you get the following applications:

  • Cubase AI
  • Cubasis LE for iPad
  • dspMixFx mixing app

Steinberg UR22C vs UR24C vs UR44C Comparison

Total Inputs226
Total Outputs266
Individual Outputs244
Mic Inputs224
Line Inputs224
Hi-Z Inputs112
TRS Inputs002
Combo Inputs224
TRS Outputs226
Headphone Outputs112
MIDI I/OAvailableAvailableAvailable
Bit Depth32 bit32 Bit32 Bit
Sample Rate (Max)192 kHz192 kHz192 kHz
Dynamic Range102 dB102 dB102 dB
Onboard DSPSSP 3SSP 3SSP 3
ConnectionUSB Type-C
3.1 Gen 1
USB Type-C
3.1 Gen 1
USB Type-C
3.1 Gen 1
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
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