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The All-New Eventide ShimmerVerb Plugin: Add some Shine

The new Eventide ShimmerVerb plugin creates stunning, ethereal reverb options that really make your tracks sparkle. ShimmerVerb includes EQ, MicroPitch adjustment, and parallel pitch adjusters to help you customize the right reverb for your piece. The Ribbon and HotSwitch controls make it easy to change your effects in real-time. As a result, whether you are performing live or mixing in the studio, the ShimmerVerb will add some variety, creativity, and, of course, some shimmer.

About the New Eventide ShimmerVerb Plugin

The new ShimmerVerb emulates the sound that audio engineers often created manually. Often, they would do this by running the signal through reverb, and later through hardware pitch shifters such as Eventide’s H910, H949, or H3000. This process is greatly simplified and expanded in ShimmerVerb. Eventide ShimmerVerb plugin has a variety of factory presets that are divided into three groups: long, medium, and short reverb lengths. Each present can be manipulated and customized to suit each signal. The factory presets range from a light shimmer that would make piano parts shine, to heavily distorted and delayed reverbs that totally change the sound of your instrument. The range of sounds that are available in ShimmerVerb allows for flexibility and creativity.

Eventide Audio’s ShimmerVerb works great as a plugin for many DAWs. In addition, you can plug your MIDI keyboard right into a phone or iPad with ShimmerVerb installed. Doing this allows you to use ShimmerVerb in real-time. ShimmerVerb’s controls are programmable by most MIDI controllers. The Ribbon control feature pairs perfectly with the mod wheel on most keyboards. Because of this, changing the pitch of your reverb and spanning the reverb frequencies is simple. Eventide’s HotSwitch allows you to quickly switch between two, pre-determined presets. This feature is especially useful for live performances. The easy-to-use interface makes the new ShimmerVerb easy to use and fun to manipulate.

What kind of sounds can I expect?

ShimmerVerb’s sound can be ethereal, ambient, wild, and spacey. Its unique sound comes from its ability to manipulate the pitches that are being reverberated. You can tune your reverb to perfect fourths, fifths, and octaves. You can then fine-tune these pitch shifts with Eventide’s MicroPitch adjuster. Use ShimmerVerb’s EQ settings to adjust how much of the low, middle, and high frequencies will be included in the reverb. In addition to pitch manipulation, ShimmerVerb also offers the Freeze function. You can Freeze to smear the signal and hold the current reverb. This allows dry signals to play over a sustained reverb signal.

Own your own copy of the new Eventide’s ShimmerVerb

The new Eventide ShimmerVerb is available for Mac, Windows, iPhone, and iPad. You can get the app version for the introductory price of $9.99. If you own multiple Eventide plugins, don’t forget to download the Eventide’s control center, the H9 Control app. In addition to the mobile app, the Mac and PC versions are on sale now for $39 USD ($99 USD). If you’ll purchase this plugin from Plugin Boutique, you’ll also get virtual cash that you can use to buy other plugins.

In conclusion, Eventide ShimmerVerb plugin is a powerful and inexpensive plug-in that can add the right kind of reverb for any track.

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