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Heavyocity Damage 2 is the latest epic percussive library for Kontakt. This 60GB mammoth of a tool is best described as thunderous and brutal. It includes massive drums and damaged elements guaranteed to “melt your face off.” Damage 2 comes as the long-awaited sequel to the original Damage, which came out nearly a decade ago. It is packed with over 40,000 samples recorded from sessions at the legendary Skywalker Sound.  At your fingertips is a war-like arsenal of gran casas, taikos, huge bass drums, snare ensembles, toms, ethnic drums, and other found sounds.

In the library, you will even find recordings made from a dumpster. If you had any plans to visit your local junk yard in the name of sound design, you have thankfully been saved the labor. Additionally, the library contains 860 gut-punching loops, and a number of realistic, high-quality expressions, like crescendoes, swells, and more, with a powerful MIDI performance tool.

Damage 2 is highly cinematic. It is therefore best suited for scoring layered and expressive percussive passages. The impacts are brutal, the transitions are visceral, and the hits are totally devastating. This instrument library is not for the light-hearted!

Heavyocity Damage 2: Next-Gen Engine

Heavyocity Damage 2 distributes its content across three different engines for three distinct workflows. Each engine proves to be a cutting-edge technology in its own right, making it easy to begin creating cinematic experiences.

Ensemble Designer

The ensemble designer is the centerpiece of Heavyocity Damage 2. Browse over 700 sources and load them into customizable octave banks that you perform with your MIDI keyboard. Use a virtual sound stage for instant 3D positioning of your sources. Then, dial them in with five discrete mic positions, including Close, Room, Hall, LFE, and analog CRUSH. Finally, demolish your sound with a “PUNISH” knob, using any one of the three varying intensities: Gently Now, Hurt Me Plenty, and Nightmare.

With software-based percussion, it is often difficult to achieve the realism and gesture of a live performance. Luckily, the ensemble designer handles this by providing you with incredible expressivity and playability. Damage 2’s Custom MIDI Performance Tools let you achieve high quality, nuanced patterns, rolls, crescendos, swells, flourishes, and more, bringing percussive passages to life. This is certainly where a great deal of Damage 2’s power lies.

Kit Designer

Inside the Kit Designer is a 16-voice drum kit layout for quick and easy groove creation. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with Maschine, MPC-type, and Standard MIDI kit control schemes. If, however, you plan to continue using your keyboard, the Kit Designer’s sounds are also MIDI note assignable.

Damage 2 categorizes the over 50 custom-designed kits into Hybrid and Damaged. This provides a quick starting point for eventually ensuing total destruction. For each of the 16 voices in the kit, add effects like compression, reverb, and saturation with independent FX chains.

Loop Designer

Finally, the Loop Designer provides over 850 tempo-synced loops, which cover organic, hybrid, and damaged sound profiles. Loops also come in both straight and triplet meters. Mix and match different stems to create custom loops. You can also add modulation and effects to individual loops via the Unique Send FX layer. The more you customize your FX chain, the more these loops become your own.

Heavyocity Damage 2 Pricing and Availability

Heavyocity Damage 2 is now available as a downloadable VST, AU, or AXX, for $299 USD (normally $399 USD), or $199 USD for Damage 1 owners. The limited-time offer ends on August 27, so we advise you to check it out sooner than later, and read more on Heavyocity’s website.

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