Ultimate Support MC-125 Price Drop: The Best Microphone Stand Under $200

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Choosing a reliable microphone stand is such an important part but surprisingly, only a few professionals care about that. Remember, a low-quality unstable mic stand can cost you another mic. Under $200, you can get an extremely high-quality stand that can handle heavy microphones reliably. Currently, Ultimate Support MC-125 is the best microphone stand under $200. The price of this stand is $199.99 USD but you can get it for $178.96 at Amazon. This deal can also end soon so you must act fast if you’re planning to upgrade or buy a new microphone stand.

Ultimate Support MC-125 is a professional Boom Stand that comes with heavy Rollerblade-style Caster Wheels. You also get the locking mechanism for the wheels. Due to the large diameter base, this stand provides extra stability so you won’t see your expensive microphone on the floor. MC-125 gives the ability to raise or lower the stand height from 52″ to 83″ and adjust the boom from 35″ to 61″. Additionally, this stand includes a friction-free clutch arm extension along with the boom.

For extreme microphone stability, Ultimate Support MC-125 also comes with an adjustable counterweight that weighs 5.75lb. Unlike other stands in this price range, this stand doesn’t make any noise during adjustments and feels quite premium. Since its stable, sturdy, and robust, you can see this stand in lots of big studios.

No doubt there are even stronger stands than this but they can also break your bank. MC-125 is more than enough unless you’re going for extreme mic setups. If you don’t care about budget, you can check out this Latch Lake micKing 3300 stand that is also on discount on Amazon at $749.

Click here to buy Ultimate Support MC-125 on Amazon for $178.96 USD.

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