Audeze Reveal+ Applies Headphone Corrections by Taking a Picture of Your Ear

Audeze just announced a new version of Reveal Plugin which it calls “Reveal+”. This plugin boasts the capability of applying headphone corrections according to your ear. Audeze worked in collaboration with “Embody” to provide personalized HRTF by using the Audeze HQ IOS app which will also be available for Android platform soon.

With the help of Aural Mapping, Audeze Reveal+ plugin carefully analyzes the shape of your right ear by uploading a picture on cloud with a mobile app and then downloading it into the Reveal+ plugin. Then using Embody’s machine learning algorithms, it can convert the picture of your ear in a unique spatial profile. As a result, you get a completely personalized HRTF (Headphone Related Transfer Function). According to Audeze and Embody, using the same generic HRTF on headphones causes localization errors resulting in inaccurate frequencies because not all locations are the same. But with the help of Aural Mapping, you will get accurate results regardless of the location you are in.

Another helpful feature in Audeze Reveal+ is the ability to select a speaker position in the plugin. Different selectable positions include 30, 45, 60, 65, 80, 90°. You can also control the ambience by customizing the level of room reflections. Even if you’re not in a professional music studio, you can still achieve its spatial characteristics with this plugin.

How to Operate Audeze Reveal+

Due to the simple setup, Audeze Reveal+ does not require any learning curve. Here are the steps to operate this plugin:

  1. Download and Install the Plugin.
  2. Load it into the DAW.
  3. Select the Headphone Model from Audeze on which you will apply the correction.
  4. Select your HRTF profile from Aural Map Tab.

If you cannot see your custom HRTF profile in the Aural Map Tab, it is probably because you didn’t upload the picture of your ear via mobile app. Also, your DAW must support either AU, VST, or AAX plugins. You can use Audeze Reveal+ plugin in DAWs such as Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, REAPER, and many more that support these plugin formats. Since this plugin can support sample rates ranging from 44.1 kHz up to whopping 768 KHz, you don’t need to worry about sample rate conversions.

Audeze Reveal+ Plugin comes with both free and premium options. Reveal+ Free option comes with Audeze presets for current and future models. However, you will get the Aural Mapping feature for a 14 day trial period only. Whereas in Reveal+ Full option (which costs $199), you get access to all the features along with 2-year Aural Map Updates.

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