Izotope Dialogue Match will Dramatically Improve your ADR Workflow in Pro Tools

If you’re a producer that spends most of the time in post-production doing ADR, you might need to look at the new Izotope Dialogue Match AudioSuite plugin for Pro Tools. This plugin will save you lots of time by automatically matching the characteristics of one track with another. As a result, you get a cohesive dialog sound throughout the project.

Izotope Dialog Match plugin will only work in Pro tools as an AudioSuite tool. Using machine learning technology, it will automatically match Reverb, EQ, and Ambience of the source track with the target one. Izotope worked hand in hand with Exponential Audio to develop the Reverb module. The EQ module works on the same principle as the EQ matching in Ozone. Lastly, the Ambience module analyses the project’s background audio and combines it with learned EQ and reverb data. All this happens within a matter of seconds and you’re good to go.

Where it Works Best?

According to Izotope, this plugin works best if you want to match:

  • Lavalier mics to booms
  • ADR to Production Audio
  • Localized audio to production audio for screening and streaming in multiple languages.

Izotope claims that Dialogue Match is the first tool in the market to automatically match the reverb attributes between different dialog tracks. You also get the flexibility to tailor reverb according to your needs. For example, you can control the dry/wet amount, gain, length of reverb, pre-delay, etc. Additionally, you can choose between three reverb types- Hall, plate, or Chamber.

The EQ module features 8 bands with up to five shapes. To see how each band is performing, you can toggle the bypass switch to compare the results. The Ambience Module works as described above in the second paragraph.

The User Interface(UI) is completely resizable and collapsible allowing you to adjust it according to your workspace needs. Izotope Dialogue Match also gives you the ability to add snapshots. With this option, you can always recall the learned settings and apply them throughout the project. Although this plugin can handle amazing results automatically using artificial intelligence, it is always nice to see the results and differences in the spectrogram.

This plugin currently costs $499 with a $100 discount. To buy Izotope Music Production Suite, Click here.

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