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The award-winning Band Industries behind the Roadie tuner series has announced a new product. Their famed Roadie tuner series has received an update with the new and improved 3rd generation model. Able to tune almost any instrument with geared pegs, the Roadie 3 guitar tuner will be a game-changer. No longer will playing your instrument begin with finicky tuners that require slight gear turns to find the perfect spot. Instead, the new generation Roadie 3 allows alternate tunings, and quick guitar setups to become the norm.

Comparing the new Roadie 3 Automatic Guitar Tuner to the Roadie 2

With the company behind the Roadie tuner being the first to make an automatic guitar tuner, every new generation comes with even more features than the last. The design of the new generation changes out the small black and white OLED screen for a larger color LED screen with much higher resolution. The LED screen now faces the user and displays the frequency being tuned in real-time.

While the previous generation contained some noise immunity and vibration detection, the 3rd iteration of Roadie guitar tuner has improved vibration detection and tuning accuracy. The new memory bank comes stock with 100+ tunings and room for any custom tunings you may need. As well as the ability to tune slightly faster, or focus on high accuracy. Unlike the previous generation, the new 120 RPM motor in Roadie 3 makes for a string change and tune-up all in one. The tuning peg connector has been optimized to tune almost any instrument with geared pegs. With the new update, instruments such as guitar, mandolin, or banjos are compatible. The Roadie tuner is usable with strings up to a gauge of 75.

Although the Roadie 3 guitar tuner is not confined to your home or studio, the newly designed ergonomic case allows you to take the tuning ease of Roadie 3 from the studio to the gig with no problem. The rechargeable LiPo 500 mAH battery allows you to be able to tune a guitar every day for a month without a charge. Unlike other tuners on the market, the Roadie 3 connects to a companion app to refine your tunings and receive periodic updates for your device. The possibilities are endless with new tunings daily, or near-perfect note frequencies for your instrument.

Price & Availability

The latest Roadie 3 automatic guitar tuner is currently available on Kickstarter, with an estimated release of October 2020. It ships with the tuner, a USB type-c charging cable, and a quick start guide. The product also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

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