Eventide Audio Releases Famous Leslie Cab Rotary Emulator

Eventide has released a new plug-in (Leslie Cab Rotary) that emulates the world-famous Hammond rotating speaker cabinet from the ’60s and ’70s. Although you may not know the name of this cabinet, you most likely have already heard its signature sound many times. With bands such as The Beatles, Cream, and Pink Floyd being among the most notable users during the ’60s and ’70s. Eventide’s Leslie Cab Rotary Modulation plug-in gives you the same swirling modulation featured on countless hit songs.

Features and Specifications | Eventide Rotary Mod Swirly Leslie Cab Modulation Plugin

The Eventide Leslie Cab Rotary plug-in can be used to alter guitars, bass, piano, and even vocals on almost any music production software. With built-in presets and simple layout design, Eventide has streamlined the interface without sacrificing features. With the ability to modulate the speed of the rotor and mix of the two, the sound you make with the cabinet can truly be your own.

In addition, you can choose your cabinet size and cut high frequencies in the mix. The fast/slow button helps add a smoother feel to the modulation. While the plug-in is great for studios, the ribbon effect adds the ability to produce in real-time. And if this is not enough, the plug-in is available for purchase in the IOS store for Ipad and iPhone for use on the fly. Recent equalizing software will best help plug-ins such as stand out. Check out Eventide’s demo of some presets below.

The plugin is compatible with computers running Windows 7+ and macOS 10.9+, as well as with almost all production software. Meanwhile, iOS requires 11.0+, and is compatible with most software such as Garageband. Any software not

The Eventide Leslie Cab Rotary plug-in is on sale for a limited time from Eventide’s website and is available on the iOS store.

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