Nembrini gets heavy with 8180 Monster Tube guitar amplifier plugin

The Peavy 5150 can be heard on countless albums since it’s launch in 1992, originally being released as a signature model for Eddie Van Halen. Taking inspiration from this legendary amplifier, Nembrini added the 8180 Monster Tube guitar amplifier to their line of virtual amps alongside others that take inspiration from models by Marshall and Mesa Boogie.

Nembrini Audio 8180 Monster Tube Guitar Amplifier Plugin

Rhythm & Lead

The amplifier has a rhythm and lead channel which offers musicians tones that sound great especially in rock and hardcore. Presets on the 8180 such as Heavy Lead 04 and Max Belladonna Nashville Rhythm 01 do a good job of demonstrating the unique style of how the amp accentuates the upper harmonics on a guitar track. This amp excels in giving users an attack with harmonic overload and a sustain that is rich, perfect for soaring leads, and strumming chords.

Impulse Response

The impulse response feature is worth taking note of. On top of being able to choose microphone models and cabinets, users can import and blend up to three custom IRs simultaneously. This is one of the many features that Nembrini includes in 8180 that satisfies the needs of musicians looking for personalization and customization in their virtual amps.

Microphone Blending

The Nembrini 8180 Monster Tube Guitar Amplifier Plugin also allows users to blend two microphones together giving more control to the musician. Microphone models include the SM-57, R-121 Ribbon Mic, AKG-414 Condensor, and the Sennheiser MD-421 which are all often used in common practice.

The 5150 is a legendary guitar amp and the widespread use of it in rock and hardcore music has made it a go-to choice for a lot of guitarists and producers. Having it being used in bands like Van Halen and Crafter, many young musicians desire the sound of this amp and the 8180 Monster Tube Guitar Amplifier gives them the opportunity to do so, at a low price.

Price & Availability | Nembrini Audio 8180 Monster Tube Guitar Amplifier Plugin

The Nembrini 8180 Monster Tube Guitar Amplifier is available now with a free demo trial and a limited time intro offer for $29. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for more bite in their guitar tone to check out the 8180. This virtual amp gives guitarists the 5150 sound with a wide range of customization options to precisely dial in their tone.

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