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If you’re looking to produce a more grandiose and cinematic sound, look no further. The new Heavyocity Mosaic Bass is as powerful as an earthquake. Separated into two categories, mellow and aggressive, Mosaic Bass finds a way to fit itself into any sonic landscape.

Because of its many expressive options, Mosaic Bass lends itself well to film and video-game sound design. For example, its massive soundscapes would appropriately find themselves in a space battle, or sprawling cyberpunk adventure. Mosaic Bass finds a way to be nostalgic and modern, in a way notably reminiscent of 80s sci-fi and 90s disaster films. I could definitely see Mosaic Bass being a part of Hans Zimmer’s library. Now let’s get into some brief details that define Mosaic Bass.

Heavyocity Mosaic Bass Features

As stated before, the latest Heavyocity Mosaic Bass is split into two different categories—mellow and aggressive. The mellow presets are often more ambient and almost pad-like. Their evolving textures and slowly undulating filter changes are perfect for atmospheric productions. These mellow sounds are vast and expansive, allowing a lot of sonic ground to be covered with just one layer. It’s easy to imagine these mellow presets would sound good on a more haunting and ambient track if being used outside of a cinematic context. An example that comes to mind is “Insomnia” by Caroline Polachek or something out of Solar Fields’ catalog.

The aggressive side of Mosaic Bass is more distorted and wider in the stereo field. These sounds tend to a bit more punchy and in your face, therefore, creating more epic moments in a set-piece. As a result, these moments end up seeming more action-oriented and cinematic because of how pronounced they are. Because of its sheer presence, the aggressive side of Mosaic Bass would fit nicely into something by Seven Lions or Les Friction.

Heavyocity Mosaic Bass also comes with numerous ways to sequence and modulate your sounds. Speaking aesthetically, the sequencer looks like a more detailed version of Ableton’s stepper LFO. This seemingly allows for more precise control over how to evolve your sounds. In conjunction with the arpeggiator you can create really full bass lines that are constantly changing. Lastly, if you add the master FX on top of it, your bass sounds will be as solid as the earth beneath you.

Final Thoughts

In order to use the new Heavyocity Mosaic Bass, you must have Kontakt 6.2.2 (Player) or later. Mosaic Bass is fully integrable with Komplete Kontrol and is NKS (Native Kontrol Standard) ready. So when you load up Mosaic Bass (and you’re using Native Instruments hardware) it will be just as easy to use as if Native Instruments made it themselves: Easily manipulatable for live performances and recording. Heavyocity’s Mosaic Bass is the perfect companion to not only a cinematic composer’s library, but the average producer trying to bring a larger than life sound to their track.

You can learn more, listen to examples, watch videos, or buy Mosaic Bass here.

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