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Korneff Audio has come through with a new limiter that is making artists like Beck shake in their boots. The Talkback Limiter by Korneff Audio emulates the talkback limiter from the iconic SSL 4000 E console series. In fact, some of the biggest names in production used this console series to make hits for over three decades. Because of the SSL 4000 E’s popularity, the talkback limiter became a secret weapon in the production industry for adding an obscene amount of punch to any sound, especially drums.

Korneff Audio Talkback Limiter Overview

Korneff Audio has taken the talkback limiter and added more tweak-able features. For example, on the “Other Side” of the plug-in, you can adjust the compression curves, distortion sound, and lo-pass filter. This allows producers to get the perfect amount of dirt and crunch out of this plug-in. On top of all this, the Talkback Limiter also lets you change your CPU usage with an adjustable oversampling feature.

Despite having a very specific function, Korneff Audio’s Talkback Limiter can be used on tons of different instruments. You can throw this limiter on guitars, drums, vocals, and bass to add exciting harmonics and liven up your mix. For example, when you throw the Talkback Limiter on a drum track you can hear it start to explode out of the sides. It helps to fill out the mix while simultaneously putting the drums right in your face. When added to a guitar it really brings out the details by exaggerating the transients. I can only imagine what this limiter would do in conjunction with heavy synth bass.

On an aesthetic level, Korneff Audio’s Talkback Limiter looks exactly how it sounds. It’s a little rough around the edges even going so far as to have a piece of tape with “Talkback Limiter” written on it. Additionally, the UI only has two buttons and four knobs on the front. Similarly, the “other side” only has 3 knobs and two adjustable boxes. The simplicity of the Talkback Limiter makes it really easy to use, requiring little to no instruction if you’re familiar with mixing. Overall I think this aesthetic really illustrates everything the Talkback Limiter is about.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I think Korneff Audio’s Talkback Limiter is a great addition to a producer’s plug-in arsenal. The Talkback Limiter is small, simple, and very effective, with just a few knobs going a very long way in terms of sound (it packs a real punch). I highly recommend it if you’re looking to make your mix more sonically rich. Korneff Audio also made the Talkback Limiter very affordable at a low price of $39.99 but they also offer a military discount.

To learn more and purchase Korneff Audio’s Talkback Limiter you can go here.

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