Neo Instruments Micro Vent Guitar Pedals Offer Classic Leslie Sound

Neo instruments introduced its two new guitar pedals, micro Vent 122 and micro Vent 16. Both of these FX pedals are aimed at simulating classic Leslie sound. As the name suggests, the micro Vent 122 simulates the sound of Leslie 122 whereas the micro Vent 16 simulates the sound of Leslie 16 Vibratone Cabinet.

Featuring powerful 32 bit SHARC DSP, these micro pedals are capable of delivering the same processing power as Ventilator II. To offer versatility in sound, you will find controls like Speed, Distance, Ramp, and Blend knobs. Additionally, there are complex controls such as a 3-way Speed-2 switch as well as a multi-function bypass switch.

Basically, Speed-1 controls the initial speeds from slow to fast whereas with speed-2, you can switch between slow, fast, and stop modes. Due to this, you can experiment various speed techniques such as:

  • Slow to Fast
  • Fast to Slow
  • Slow to Stop
  • Stop to Fast, and more

Not only you can use the Bypass switch to toggle the effects on/off, but you can also use it jump between the two speed modes without disabling the effects. So lots of creative options are possible. With the Ramp parameter, you can either accelerate or decelerate the speeds between the two speeds.

To balance between the dry and wet signal, you can use the blend knob as per your taste. According to neo instruments, the micro vent guitar pedals feature a dedicated new circuit for the analog blend function.

Difference between Micro Vent 122 and 16

Micro Vent 122 provides the tone of Leslie 122 rotary speaker. But there’s more to that, it even simulates the micing technique with one mic for the horn and other for the drum rotor. Even more, you can simulate the distance of these mics via the Distance parameter. Whereas the micro Vent 16 simulates the tone of 10-inch Leslie 16 Vibratone speaker. Unlike 122, this pedal emulates one mic instead of two but offers the same Distance parameter to simulate the closeness of the mic from the amp.

Pricing and Availability

Neo instruments didn’t reveal the pricing for the new micro Vent pedals. Both micro Vent 122 and 16 will be available in January 2020.

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