MESA Boogie Mark Five 25 1×10 COMBO Amp Offers Serious Performance Under 25 Watts

Mesa Boogie just introduced its new Mark Five 25 1×10 Combo guitar tube amp featuring 2 channels along with 6 modes. It uses dual MESA EL84 power amp tubes along with six MESA 12AX7 tubes dedicated for each mode. Although it is the smallest Mark series 25 Watt combo amp, it produces much cleaner and brighter sound against the other members of the family.

Advantages of MESA Dyna-Watt Technology

Thanks to the Dyna-Watt technology that makes MESA Mark Five 25 1×10 Combo amp a multi watt power amp. With this technology, you can switch between either 25 or 10 Watts on either channel. At 25 Watts, it is capable of producing aggressive and punchy sound whereas at lower power, i.e. 10 Watts, it offers smooth and clean sound.

Technically, Mark Five 25 uses different wiring configurations (Pentode/Triode) to make the switching process work. When the power switch is set at 10W, the two EL84 power amp tubes operate in Class A/B “Triode”. Whereas at 25W, the tubes operate in Mesa’s proprietary Dyna-Watt Class A/B “Pentode”.


MESA Boogie Mark Five 25 1×10 Combo tube amp comes with a classic 5-Band Graphic EQ which is both channel-assignable as well as foot-switchable. On the backside, it incorporates an all-tube, spring reverb that controls each channel individually.

For each channel, there are three modes available. Channel 1 offers Clean, Fat or Crunch settings whereas Channel 2 offers more aggressive settings like Mark IIC+, Mark IV or Extreme. With Mark IIC+ setting, you get the authentic sound of MESA’s famous Mark IIC+ tube amp and same goes with the Mark IV. There are 6 knobs available for each channel that controls Gain, Treble, Mid/Boost, Bass, Presence, and Master volume.


One of the most amazing things about Mesa Mark Five 25 tube amp is the Cabclone feature. With this, you can directly connect your guitar amp to the console, or audio interface via balanced XLR output without any need for reamping. There is a dedicated Cabclone section on the backside of this amp to control:

  • Speaker Status (OFF/ON)
  • Cabinet Style (OPEN BACK/CLOSED BACK)
  • Ground (GROUND/LIFT; Pin 1 Float)


Mesa Boogie Mark Five 25 1×10 COMBO Tube Amp costs $1,699 USD and comes in various black finishing options at no additional cost

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