MOTU M2 and M4 Audio Interface: High-Quality at Affordable Price

MOTU is now shipping its latest entry-level USB Type C audio interfaces that come in two variants, M2 and M4. Both of them features ESS Sabre32 Ultra DAC technology that you will find in high-end audio interfaces. The difference between MOTU M2 and MOTU M4 audio interface arises in terms of I/O connectivity. Beyond that, they both share the same features.

Although these new MOTU USB C audio interfaces are affordable, they offer an amazing dynamic range of 120dB which you will barely find in any interface at this price range. The headphone amps in MOTU M2 and M4 also feature ESS converters providing the best headphone output in its class. In terms of latency, both the interfaces support ultra-low 2.5 ms Round Trip Latency (with a 32 sample buffer at 96 kHz). The maximum sample rate supported is 192 kHz.

MOTU M2 Vs M4 – I/O Connectivity Comparison

2x mic/line/Hi-Z guitar inputs2x mic/line/Hi-Z guitar inputs
2x balanced 1/4-inch TRS out4x balanced 1/4-inch TRS out
N/A2x balanced 1/4-inch line inputs
2x RCA analog out (mirrored)4x RCA analog out (mirrored)
1x stereo headphone w/volume1x stereo headphone w/volume
1x MIDI in/out1x MIDI in/out

You can easily spot the difference in the comparison table above. On the back panel, M4 offers 2 more 1/4″ balanced TRS monitor outputs than M2. There is no separate 1/4″ line input in M2 whereas MOTU M4 offers two of them. Additionally, M4 also offers 2 more RCA analog outputs that mirror 1/4″ TRS outputs.

On the front panel of the audio interface, M4 comes with an Input Monitor Mix knob. This helps to balance between live inputs and computer playback.

Since these interfaces support “loopback” driver, you can also use them for live streaming and podcasting. A high-resolution LCD panel is also there so you can take a glance at meter levels for all the inputs and outputs. Both MOTU M2 and MOTU M4 are USB class compliant which means you don’t need any driver to go up and running. Moreover, they’re iOS compatible but there is no word on Android support.


Check out the current price and availability for MOTU M2 (Amazon / Thomann) and MOTU M4 (Amazon / Thomann)audio interfaces. Both of them come with a 2-Year Warranty. You will also get the following products for free:

  • (MOTU Performer Lite 10 and Ableton Live Lite 10)
  • 100+ instruments (in Performer Lite)
  • Over 6 GB of included free loops, samples and one-shots

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