Expressive E Osmose Keyboard offers much more than Aftertouch

Keyboard players always wanted more expressiveness than just touch sensitivity and aftertouch. As Roli Seaboard came out, it offered new possibilities for musicians to explore. However, it requires a learning curve in terms of playability since it is not a typical keyboard. Unlike Roli Seaboard, Expressive E Osmose is just like a normal keyboard but offers unprecedented expressiveness and realism.

Osmose is capable of providing different expressions such as Aftertouch, shake, strum, stick, press, as well as ‘press and tap’. But there’s so much more to it, you can also control the global pitch bend with each individual key. So you can do solos like a guitar without fiddling around with the separate pitch bend control. Additionally, with ‘Poly Aftertouch’, you can go a step further by adding even more expressive elements.

Unique Keybed

Expressive E Osmose comes with 49 full-size keys and thanks to the unique patented mechanism (A.K.A – Augmented Keyboard Action) that provides an amazing level of control to each key. One of the greatest things about this keyboard is the ‘Initial Pressure System’. So right as you start pressing the key (even though it’s not completely down), you can control the tone of the sound in several different ways.

According to Expressive E, Osmose is a result of 7-year research along with Haken Audio. It also incorporates Haken Audio’s internal sound engine called EaganMatrix. As a benefit, you get a plethora of acoustic and electronic sounds. Moreover, You can also use Osmose as a MIDI keyboard as it supports major MIDI protocols such as MPE as well as MPE+. Both MPE and MPE+ MIDI protocols support polyphonic expression but MPE+ offers the most advanced features to make full use of the Continuum Fingerboard.

Expressive E Osmose also allows you to set up MIDI configurations right from the inbuilt screen. With ‘Piano Mode’, this expressive keyboard can emulate a typical keyboard controller to send simple velocity messages. In terms of connectivity, Osmose provides:

  • 1x 1/4″ Stereo Headphone Output Jack
  • 2x 1/4″ Mono Output Jack (24-Bit D/A)
  • Two continuous pedal inputs (assignable to sustain or flexible synth parameters -pedal controls)
  • MIDI In, MIDI Out/Thru, USB Type B

Although the keyboard is enough to fulfill all the expressive needs, a Pitch and a Modulation stick is also there.

It’s truly amazing to see how you can get so much out of just one sound. You just have to play this keyboard with a feel and you get what you want. Expressive E Osmose is the only best expressive keyboard we can think of.


Pricing and Availability

Expressive E Osmose will cost $1,799 USD as well as €1,799 EUR. But you can get a 40% discount if you pre-order yours with a $299 USD or €299 EUR deposit. In terms of availability, Osmose will be available in summer 2020 in limited quantities but the exact release date is unclear yet.

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