Kemper Releases Kabinet (Speaker Cabinet) & Kemper Kone

Kemper has officially released its latest speaker cabinet (Kabinet) and loudspeaker (Kone) in the market. Incorporating the latest 12-inch Kemper Kone loudspeaker, the new “Kabinet” works in tandem with the company’s own PROFILER modeling amp. In terms of power, Kemper Kabinet can handle up to 200 Watts of RMS.

Kemper Kabinet (Speaker Cabinet) and Kone (Loudspeaker) Overview

The 12-inch Kone loudspeaker inside the Kemper Kabinet is exclusively designed by Celestian. Unlike regular PA or monitor systems, the radiation pattern of this loudspeaker mimics the acoustics of classic guitar speaker chassis.

With the help of Kemper Profiler’s DSP algorithm, you can control the behavior of the Kone inside the speaker cabinet. Just by activating the Monitor CabOff function on the Profiler, the Kemper Kone switches from full-range mode to the modeling mode which Kemper calls the “Speaker Imprint Mode”. In this mode, the Kone becomes capable of replicating any of the 19 available guitar speaker emulations. According to Kemper, more Speaker Imprints will soon be available with software updates.

The Kone inside the new Kemper speaker cabinet (Kabinet) can automatically switch to a full frequency range as you switch to a full frequency sound in the Profiler. Note that any audio signal you send through the aux input to the Profiler will be played back in a full range mode.

Current Price and Availability

Check out the current price and availability for the new Kemper Kabinet (Thomann).

The Kemper Kone speaker inside the Kabinet is also available as a replacement speaker for existing guitar cabinets. You can buy it as a single unit but there is also an option to buy the Kone in 2 and 4 speaker sets.

New Kemper Kabinet (Speaker Cabinet) and Kemper Kone (Loudspeaker) Specifications

Kemper KabinetKemper Kone
Power Handling200W RMS200W RMS
Impedance4 Ohms4 Ohms
Cut-out DiameterN/A28,3 cm (11.14 inches)
Height42 cm (16.54 inches)N/A
Width51 cm (20.08 inches)N/A
Depth23 cm (9.06 inches)N/A
Weight11.30 kg (24.91 pounds) 3.90 kg (8.60 pounds)
PriceCheck current price on Thomann

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