Stone Deaf Noise Reaper: New Guitar Noise Gate Pedal

Meet the new Stone Deaf FX noise gate pedal for guitar and bass, the Noise Reaper. This latest pedal builds on the noise gate technology from the company’s own “Warp Drive and Fig Fumb” high gain distortion and fuzz pedals. Featuring a high-quality VCA, the new Stone Deaf FX Noise Reaper noise gate pedal ensures a high dynamic range and low distortion for transparent results.

In terms of design, this pedal incorporates a threshold control knob, true bypass switch, and an LED light that indicates the status of the noise gate. Noise Reaper can also work in “Pedal” mode and “Series FX Loop” mode.

Unlike other guitar and bass noise gate pedals, Noise Reaper does not cause choking issues. While retaining the sustain, it impressively suppresses the unwanted noise or hisses from the amplifiers.

How the new Stone Deaf FX Noise Reaper Noise Gate Pedal Works?

To block the unwanted noise, Noise Reaper compares the input sensitivity of the guitar or bass input as well as the noisy signal source to provide optimum gating results. In order to manipulate the gate settings, you just need to tweak the threshold control knob.

Thanks to the high quality THAT Corporation 2181C VCA in the new Stone Deaf FX Noise Reaper noise gate pedal that contributes to high dynamic range (120dB) and ultra-low distortion (0.03% THD).

The high-quality soft-touch relay-based footswitch enables you to bypass the noise gate. And with the help of a small LED light, you can tell whether the noise gate is on or off.

Even while chugging or palm muting, Noise Reaper will not choke your sound. Due to the ultra-smooth gating, this new noise gate pedal from Stone Deaf works great with any type of guitar or bass playing style.

Noise Reaper Specifications

Stone Deaf Noise Reaper
Pedal TypeNoise Gate
Dynamic Range120dB
Output Noise0% or -98dB
ControlsThreshold Knob
True Bypass Switch
DimensionsWidth: 6.5cm
Length: 11cm
Depth: 4.5cm

Price and Availability

Check out the current price and availability for the new StoneDeaf FX Noise Reaper noise gate pedal for guitar and bass. (Thomann).

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