Universal Audio Apollo Twin X Officially Announced

Universal Audio just announced a big upgrade to the widely regarded Apollo Twin. The new interface features extremely high-quality converters with a 127dB D/A dynamic range. It comes in duo and quad options with 2 and 4 Shark Processing DSP Chips respectively. Another big upgrade in Universal Audio Apollo Twin X is the Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, this eliminates all the latency issues with the 40Gbps transfer speeds.

Top Panel Controls

The panel offers the same controls as the renowned Apollo Twin giving you the option to control your studio just like a professional control room. All of the inputs support Unison technology. This will help you to track the classic analog plugins in real-time with no latency, thanks to DSP chips. A dedicated talkback button is also available that will also act as an input selector. You can also dim the monitors, switch between alternate sets of monitors, apply Pad, reverse polarity, monitor in Mono, link and mute the monitors. So lots of options are available.

A big knob on the top feels premium, it allows you to control the level of preamps or headphone outputs. The LED indicators represent the level of ovarious outputs such as Mic, Line, Hi-Z, and Headphones. You can also access HPF right through the Audio interface.


Universal Audio Apollo Twin X offers two combo Mic/Line inputs on the back and one Hi-Z input on the front. The Hi-Z instrument input can also be switched to line level. Four line outputs are available on the back, two of which are monitor outputs and the other two can be used for alternate monitors. A Headphone output is also available on the front. You can also access an optical input on the back panel meant for S/PDIF or 8-Channel ADAT format. This allows this interface to run 10 channels of inputs along with 6 channels of outputs simultaneously. The Thunderbolt 3 connectivity will really help the musicians to enjoy imperceptible latency. You can connect more Apollo interfaces to work simultaneously.

Plugins and Software

UAD Analog Classics Plus Bundle is also shipped with this audio interface that gives access to plugins that emulate legendary hardware such as Neve, Helios, API, Manley, and much more.

One of the great things about Universal Audio is the powerful Apollo Console software. It makes routing very easy and you can customize the inputs and outputs as per your needs. This Universal Audio Apollo Twin X is here to stay and musicians will love it.

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