Universal Audio Apollo X4: A New Entry in Apollo X Family

Universal Audio Apollo X4 Audio interface is officially out now to join the well known Apollo X family. This lineup features amazing converters with a huge dynamic range. The new Apollo X4 is a desktop interface that uses Thunderbolt 3 connectivity (backward compatible on Mac with Thunderbolt 1 and Thunderbolt 2). It features 4 UAD DSP Shark Chips.

It supports 4 combo XLR/Line inputs on the rear along with two Hi-Z inputs on the front. In regard to outputs, there are 6 line outs available on the back. The first set is dedicated to monitor outputs while other jacks can be addressed to the alternative set of monitors or other gear. These outputs are easily switchable without dealing with the cables. Also, there are two Headphone outputs which you can configure as per your needs.

The connectivity options do not end here, you can additionally plug-in more Universal Audio interfaces via ADAT format. An optical input is also available for S/PDIF connectivity. So with all these options, you can run 12 inputs along with 18 outputs simultaneously.

The inputs on the Universal Audio Apollo X4 support Unison technology. With the help of that, you can track legendary hardware emulations in real-time. One of the great things about Universal Audio interfaces is the integration with Console software. You can easily route and configure inputs, outputs, and plugins via this application.

The top panel of this interface provides the same control room functions as the Apollo Twin X. The UAD analog classics plus bundle comes along with this interface so you can take advantage of the best plugins in the market.

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