Celemony Melodyne 5: A major update with new features

Celemony has been excited to announce, and we’ve been excited to hear, the release of their new product, Melodyne 5. Celemony has been around since the early 2000s. Its two core products, Melodyne and Capstan, Celemony’s solution to wow and flutter in analog recording, have made their way to be award-winning industry standards.

The latest Celemony Melodyne 5 update includes new features that give current Melodyne users more flexibility and speed as well as making Melodyne more user-friendly for newer customers. These new features include sibilant detection, an adjusted way to analyze pitch deviation, the addition of the Chord Track and Chord Grid, the Fade Tool and Leveling Macro tool for editing dynamics, the Percussive Pitched algorithm, improvements on other algorithms and a new way to search for and edit keyboard shortcuts.

Now, let’s get into these new changes in detail:

Celemony Melodyne 5 New Features

Sibilant Detection

Sibilants are non-pitched vocalizations in speech such as ‘s’ sounds or breaths. Melodyne 5 automatically detects these sibilants, which can be highlighted with just one click. Once Melodyne highlights the sibilants, they can easily be muted or amplified. This saves lots of time as this is something that had to be done by hand in previous versions.

Melodyne 5 also treats sibilants differently when adjusting pitch and note duration; instead of raising the pitches of the sibilants along with the rest of the note, the sibilants remain stationary. In real life, a singer wouldn’t raise the pitch of these sibilants when she raises the pitch of her melodic line, as changing the pitch of a sibilant isn’t possible. So, just like a real singer, Melodyne 5 keeps sibilants consistent to make the line more musical.

Similarly, singers wouldn’t stretch out sibilants if they wanted to slow down their tempo. When manipulating the tempo, singers only stretch out the vowel sounds, not the sibilants. Melodyne 5 does the same. However, singers will shorten their breaths and consonants as the melody increases in tempo. Therefore, Melodyne 5 will shorten breaths and relevant consonant sibilants as the tempo increases. These changes will make the edited audio sound more natural and more musical.

Pitch Deviation Analysis

Celemony’s Melodyne 5 update has revamped its pitch deviation algorithms. In previous versions, when a pitch deviates (as it almost always does), Melodyne would find the average of all the deviations of a single note to find that pitch’s center. This pitch center can then be adjusted to bring the note into the tune, that is, the pitch’s average is tuned.

Melodyne 5 finds these pitch centers differently; instead of finding the average pitch for each note, Melodyne now will simply choose the most important moment of each note to be the note’s pitch center. Pitch deviations can be a really good thing, it’s what makes the human voice sound “human.” The problem lies when pitch deviations happen at the wrong moment, typically in the middle of a note. Melodyne 5 will now pinpoint this golden moment in each note so you can tune melodies in a more musical and “human” way.

Chord Track and Chord Grid

The Chord Track and Chord Grid features give Celemony’s Melodyne 5 greater editing and creative power. The Chord Track allows you to input your chords in an easily-viewable track right above your pitch grid. You can input these chords manually or you can let Melodyne analyze the chords for you. You can even choose the complexity of chords that Melodyne can recognize, ranging from simple triads to complex jazz chords.

Once you get your chords set up in the Chord Track, you can turn on the Chord Grid. In my opinion, this is where the real fun begins. The normal pitch grid shows white lanes for white notes on the keyboard and gray lanes symbolizing the black keys. Chord Grid mode changes this so that all the notes in the chord are white and the notes out of each chord are grayed out. This makes editing harmonies infinitely easier. When moving pitches in the Chord Grid, notes will automatically skip over grayed-out notes. This can be easily overridden with the alt key if you want to add some color using a non-chord tone. You can quickly spot incorrect notes and easily add variety that is tonally in line with the chords.

This feature is especially powerful when working with samples. Using the Chord Grid you can easily transpose any sample to fit within the key with just a simple double-click. You can create new melodies with existing samples that fit flawlessly and beautifully in the key. Just like in this video, you can turn a simple sample into an artistic element quickly and with no music theory knowledge required.

Dynamics Tools: Fade Tool and Leveling Macro

Editing dynamics becomes a breeze with Celemony’s Melodyne 5. Although editing dynamics inside Melodyne is nothing new, the Fade Tool and Leveling Macro make fine-tuning dynamics a quicker and more creative process. You can use the Fade Tool to create nuanced phrasing, create crossfades, and cleanly omit unwanted sounds.

The Leveling Macro tool works a little bit like a compressor. The Leveling Macro has two sliders, one for the loud notes in the song and another for the softer notes. When each slider is at 0%, nothing has been changed. When each slider is at 100%, all notes have been brought to near the same level. The loud notes are made softer and the soft notes are made louder. This can be applied to the entire song or to individual notes. Guitar or background vocals out of balance? No problem. The Leveling Macro gives you full control of the dynamics of even polyphonic material.

New Algorithms in Celemony Melodyne 5

Celemony Melodyne 5 update features a new pitch algorithm: Percussion Pitched. This algorithm is for instruments that are percussive in nature but that have a recognizable pitch. Such instruments include 808 snares, djembes, and tablas.

In addition to the addition of Percussion Pitched, the Complex algorithm playback type has been improved and a Robust Pitch Curve feature has been added. To learn more, visit Celemony’s official website.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Melodyne 5 includes a new way to search for keyboard shortcuts along with an improved way to edit them. With greater flexibility to choose keyboard shortcuts that make sense to you, you can achieve a faster workflow and become more efficient in your editing.

Download Celemony Melodyne 5 Today

Melodyne 5 is available for purchase or upgrade for all Melodyne levels, from Melodyne Essentials to Melodyne Studio. Currently, Celemony is offering a 30-day, no strings attached free trial of Melodyne 5 Studio. Current owners of Melodyne Essentials can upgrade to Melodyne 5 Essentials for free. You can also find more information on all updates and upgrades at Thomann.

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