Sound Devices Mixer 888: 16 Channel Field Recorder Launched

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Sound Devices recently launched a new 16 channel/ 20 track multitrack recorder that borrows the processing architecture from the flagship Scorpio. Not only it is more compact, but also affordable. Sound Devices 888 mixer can handle 20 tracks and 10 buses which are completely routable.

It is capable of recording 20 tracks simultaneously at 192 kHz sample rate. The A/D converters support 32-bit depth that helps to eliminate quantization distortions. Along with 256GB internal SSD, it will also provide two SD card slots to store large amount of high-quality media.

All of the 16 channels support Dante with ethernet connectivity. This is very helpful in large field recording projects as transferring audio signals over long distances always lose quality. It stores audio in monophonic or polyphonic BWF (Broadcast WAV) format. This format can store metadata such as track names, file names, etc. Not only that, it also supports embedded timecode. You can use a USB keyboard with this 888 recorder to enter the meta descriptions.

Sound Devices 888 mixer also provides the auto mix function that automatically attenuates the unused tracks. This saves a lot of time and increases workflow productivity. You can arm or disarm the tracks even during recording. The routing options are extremely flexible, you get the freedom to route any input to any bus, track, or output.

This portable multitrack field recorder offers 8 high-quality quiet mic preamps from 8-series. You can easily access different controls via USB MIDI control devices. Additionally, you can also use the SD Android App to adjust controls and obtain sound reports and metering information.

888 Mixer/ Recorder features all the controls a filmmaker would need on the location, this makes it a great choice. Moreover, Dante connectivity over Ethernet is a plus. It also offers multiple powering options.


The price of this Sound Devices 16 Channel/ 20 Track multitrack field recorder is $6,995. Considering the number of channels it offers, you cannot complain about its price. Find more Sound Devices Products on Amazon.

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